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Open To Students From Across The Country And Around The World

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Have you ever wished that High School could be more fun ?
Are you tired of just four walls and indoor learning ?

At this Alberta High School students are NEVER BORED!
You will enjoy a whole gamut of exciting outdoor activities teaching life skills that go far beyond the classroom walls.

Why not also learn:

Golf - Hockey - Skiing - Archery - Wilderness Survival & Orienteering - Baseball - Fly Fishing - Kayaking - Photography - First Aid - Hiking- Camping - Curling and much more.

Based in the picuresque Peace River Country and surrounded by limitless recreational opportunities, the Eaglesham School offers an adventurous Outdoor Pursuits program to accompany its strong academic curriculum . . .

And !

Accommodation / Billeting available

See our Student
Homestay program for accommodation needs.

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Eaglesham Outdoor Pursuits is a unique opportunity to gain a High School Education while also learning a variety of useful life skills.
The difference - at this Alberta High School it's JUST MORE FUN !
Eaglesham Outdoor Pursuits Program